Fruit Syringe Cutter


Fruit Syringe Cutter

Fruit Syringe Cutter

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Hey Moms & Dads!?

Your kids just keep skipping their fruits and vegetables. Are you finding it hard to feed your children their fruits and vegetables?

There’s a new and more enjoyable way to serve your kids their healthy meals!

Eliminate the risk of choking on whole grapes or other fruits by quartering them. The Fruit Cutter features a very unique design. It looks like a syringe that pushes out your fruits and vegetables.

Simply place the fruit inside the compartment, push, and see it get sliced effortlessly into bite-size snacks that are safe and nutritional for your kids. Help your little ones enjoy eating healthy fruits.

Fruit Syringe Cutter

✅ Perfect for small fruits and vegetables like grapes, cherries, tomatoes, olives, and many more
✅ Soft, non-slip plunger and curved finger rests provide comfort while cutting
✅ Serrated blades easily slice through fruit skins
✅ Much faster and safer way to cut fruits than using a knife
✅ A creative way to serve your fruits and vegetables to your children
✅ Cover snaps on for on-the-go use and safe storage and comes apart for easy cleaning
✅ BPA Free approved

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